Demerara Mutual holds out life line to student
October 21, 2005

Demerara Mutual holds out life line to student

Branch Manager of Demerara Mutual Life, Frederick Richards is making efforts to improve the bursary programme offered to students by the insurance company.

At a ceremony held at the company’s office on Friday, September 16, to hand over this year’s award to Rasheid Sutherland, Richards noted that so far, 40 secondary students have benefited from the assistance, and he announced that special recommendations would be made to extend the bursary to the tertiary level. {{more}}

Richards stated that his company has a commitment not only to sports, charity and culture, but also to education.

The branch manager said that for students to qualify, they or their parent must be a policy holder for at least one year. The student must have written the Common Entrance Examinations the year the scholarship is being offered and must have a minimum grade of 75%. He commended Rasheid for being the only student to qualify in all areas and encouraged his parents to continue supporting him.

Expressing gratitude for the assistance, Rasheid thanked the company but did not forget his former schools, the Buccament Government and the Biabou Methodist. The fluent first former of the St.Vincent Grammar School confidently praised his parents and brothers particularly older brother Alrhon for assisting him with his school work.

Noting that the cost of education is very high, Raheid’s father Robert sincerely thanked the company for awarding the bursary to his son. The proud dad said that the bursary will ease the pressure of buying books and uniforms for Rasheid. He said that he has been a member of the insurance company since 1988 and encouraged other parents to join since the benefits are numerous.

Demerara Mutal Life has been in existance in the Caribbean and Guyana since 1891. In celebrating their 100th anniversary in 1991,they started the scholarship programme for secondary school students.