Whole new way to fly with LIAT
October 14, 2005
Whole new way to fly with LIAT

“New LIAT” was launched at the Sandals Resort, Antigua on Tuesday, October 11.

Addressing the launch, LIAT CEO Garry Cullen, said the airline will be changed from a “financially poorly performing legacy carrier into a quality service low cost carrier and we have a transformation plan that is both radical and extremely challenging.”{{more}}

The plan includes the introduction of new schedules, more non-stop service, and higher frequencies. The company will also increase their current fleet of 11 to 16 by the Spring of 2006.

Cost cutting measures will be introduced to ensure the company’s liquidity is improved. One such measure is the introduction of a web based reservations system to replace the SABRE host system. This system will allow passengers the option to book flights from their personal computers.

Chairman of LIAT, Dr. Jean Holder feels that the objectives of the plan for NEW LIAT are realistic and have been set within a reasonable time frame. He added, “I have the greatest confidence in our CEO, Garry Cullen and his management team. I hope that with your help, LIAT will continue to fly to ever new heights and repay the confidence put in it by so large a cross section of Caribbean citizens.