September 30, 2005
Francis promises to beat Eustace

Senator Julian Francis is promising to unseat the Arnhim Eustace in the East Kingstown constituency.

Francis, the candidate for the ruling Unity Labour Party, has the task of defeating Eustace, former Prime Minister and Finance Minister, who holds the post of Opposition leader and won that seat on two occasions.

Eustace beat Michael Hamlett by 27 votes in the 1998 poll and repeated with a 40-vote win in 2001. {{more}}

However, interest in the East Kingstown showdown is gathering momentum as the date of the election draws near. This battle is being seen as decisive in the political life of the Opposition Leader as many feel a loss could signal the end of his political career.

Francis used the occasion to swipe at Eustace. He spoke of apparent rifts in the NDP, and cited actions by founding father Sir James Mitchell, which he outlined, was showing up leadership differences in the NDP.

Francis told the crowd that Eustace was not a natural politician. For Francis, his opponent did not know how to mingle.

“I love politics,” Francis boasted as he outlined that he was in contact with the people of East Kingstown seven days a week.