Buccament Bay Secondary opens
September 16, 2005
Buccament Bay Secondary opens

The Buccament Bay Secondary School may well grow into one of this country’s greatest institutions, but everyone would remember that the seed was planted on September 2005.

Though last week Thursday, September 8, marked the official opening of the institution, the process had taken its big leap days before on Monday September 5. {{more}}

As he addressed the gathering, Parliamentary Representative, Louis Straker retraced his roots to that small community, located about seven miles north west of Capital City Kingstown.

Straker praised the parents of the 165 students enrolled at the new secondary institution now transformed from

the former Buccament Primary School, for their cooperation with the transfer of their children.

And, he gave the assurance that if parents experienced difficulty with new uniforms, he would fulfil a promise to provide the new attire.

Straker fed on the political support which was overwhelming from the crowd. They were in a joyous mood as they applauded and pumped up their parliamentarian, and with opposition candidate for the same seat, Norrel Hull in the audience, comments were slanted in his direction.

Straker said that the Secondary School was not an accident and described it as the result of “careful planning.”

He announced that by next March, another secondary school will be located at Peter’s Hope in the Central Leeward constituency. Buccament Bay residents were also told that they would benefit from a hotel planned for that area. Similar facilities are slated for Mt. Wynne/Peter’s Hope, and Straker said that the expansion of secondary school education at Buccament Bay would help to provide workers for those institutions.

Straker used biblical references and intoned “You may be small, but little is enough when God is in it.”

He said that there were still some projects he would like to see completed and encouraged students to improve their literacy.

“Read and improve your English,” Straker advised.

He also stressed the need for a library and a Community Centre in the area.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who was present concurred with these wishes and assured Straker that those facilities would be provided.

The Buccament Bay Secondary School has a staff of nine, with four classrooms. Construction is ongoing at the compound on an extension with additional facilities to cater for more students next year.

The Principal is Maxwell Charles.