Otis looking at Sports Medicine
September 2, 2005

Otis looking at Sports Medicine

Once he is accepted to the Community College, he will be on course for a degree in Sports Medicine. His name is Otis Charles and that’s his ambition. He passed seven subjects in the 2005 CXC Certificate in Secondary Education CSEC exams, and in doing so created history.

He is the first Vincentian to sit Physical Education and Sport at the CSEC level and came out with Grade 1 in the subject. {{more}}He obtained Grade Two in Geography and Principles of Business, and Grade Three in Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology, and Math.

Charles was the only Vincentian entered for the Physical Education and Sports Certification exam.

He entered the Bethel High School from Questelles Primary School.

Charles’ story has been one of dedication and sacrifice. Born August 17, 1986, he overcame significant odds to accomplish his dream. His four years at the Bethel High School have been marked by his diligence. He was recognised during his school’s graduation ceremony last July with an award for Perseverance, Physical Education and Sport, and was adjudged Most Outstanding Student.

Charles’ School Based Assessment study contributed greatly to his success. He was captain of Bethel High School cricket team during the last year.

Being a cricketer, he was able to use his theoretical understanding of the Physical Education and Sport to enhance his personal life.

“I learned how to take care of my body, and how to prevent injuries,” Charles pointed out.

He praised Principal Sylvia Findlay, Biology Teacher Sean Marshall and Physical Education Teacher Wollis Christopher.

Principal Findlay was reciprocal in her admiration for Charles. She regarded him as “very good role model.”