PM: Bear yo bab
August 19, 2005
PM: Bear yo bab

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves delved into the colloquial while at Mangaroo last Tuesday. He urged anxious residents to “bear yo bab.”

In standard English that means, “have some patience.”

Those words were addressed to those who have not yet received titles to lands. According to the Prime Minister a number of persons in Spring Village, Mangaroo, Charles Village and other places, do not have deeds to their lands. {{more}}

And the reason for the delay is a shortage of surveyors, according to the Prime Minister. Dr. Gonsalves absolved himself of any responsibility for the deed shortage and puts all blame on Chief Surveyor Adolphus “Shaka” Ollivierre.

Prime Minister Gonsalves mentioned “the land train is coming up in Spring Village, and he urged listeners to “vote for Jerrol Thompson and Unity Labour Party.”