Rastafari take a bold step forward
August 5, 2005
Rastafari take a bold step forward

The Church of His Majesty Ivine Order of Nyahbinghi’s quest to establish a legal framework seems to have incurred the wrath of some sectors here. But nothing is going to stop the progressive flow of the Nyahbinghi Order. This, according to three members of the Nyahbinghi Order: Ras Imani Ronald Hypolite, Izaras Roy Bascombe, and Ras Jacob Laurent Jacob who visited the Searchlight earlier this week. {{more}}

The Bill under contention was introduced in this country’s House of Assembly in February this year and seeks to put the Ivine Order of Nyahbinghi on a sounder footing.

According to the application put forward by the members: “The Church of His majesty Ivine Order of Nyahbingi was established with the objectives of spreading the words and teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie the First, and the Rastafari Livity.”

The Order further seeks “not what it can retrieve but what it can give so that lives can be enriched and to use the power of Rastafari to assist in the eradication of many of the social evils plaguing our society.”

The application to have the body incorporated is another step towards full legality.

Ras Imani, cited the incorporation of the Church as “bringing greater strength and security for the Rastafari generation.” Ras Imani, chided those opposed to the move and indicated: “It is not that you join Babylon. It is being recognised.”

He added: “It puts the movement on a legal framework where it cannot be manipulated by any individual.” Ras Imani went on: “the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.”

Ras Imani, one of the Elders of the Movement, outlined: “I and I must make it abundantly clear that I and I (are) not a sect, or founded on dogmas which do not bring or encourage total liberty and freedom to all people. Rastafari seeks to encourage the advancement of humanity standing against oppression of any other people or persons as well as encouraging the respect for each other.”

The Incorporation Bill had its second reading and has been at the Committee stage. When parliament meets August 22, a further update on the Bill is expected to be given.