July 29, 2005
Police investigating shooting of teenagers

Police investigators have two shooting incidents to solve. Philemon Olliver, an 18 year old clerk of Rivierre was shot in both legs around 9:30 p.m. last Saturday.

Alexo King, a 16-year-old Fair Hall student was shot and robbed at Fair Hall about 8:30 that same Saturday night. {{more}}

According to the Public Relations and Complaints Department, King was walking along the Fair Hall Public Road when a masked man emerged from some bushes with a gun and robbed him of EC$85.

King shot in the right leg when he tried to run away from the attacker.

Police investigations are also ongoing on a cannabis matter. That surrounds the discovery of 59 pounds of marijuana in the area where intransit baggage is kept at the E.T. Joshua airport.

The cannabis was found in two suitcases last Friday July 22.