July 8, 2005
Jack still reaping success

Albena Samuel Jack, a teacher of 22 years is like the old adage says, is getting better with age.

Jack has been reaping the success of her dedication to the profession and is set to present a paper on Teaching Practices and Best Practices in the classroom in Jamaica between July 19 to 24.{{more}}

This paper is the result of experience gained during Jack’s participation in a Caribbean Centre for Excellence for Teacher Training Programme at the Buccament Primary School. Her Buccament Primary School class did the best in the reading programme, which was sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

A Qualified Assistant Teacher (QAT), Jack, a mother of three, also has another reason to celebrate this year. It was her son Jabarri Jack who placed first for boys nationally in the recent Common Entrance Examinations.

“I always had confidence that Jabarri would have done well because of the level of instructions that was provided to the students,” Jack said.

And while Jack referred to the school’s instructions she pointed out that it was at home that the stage was set for her son Jabarri’s success.

Jack has a philosophy to impart two gifts to her children: “Make sure they know their roots, and that they have wings to fly.”

Mommy Jack mentioned that Jabarri represented the Questelles Primary School and was a “very creative thinker. He has a very probing mind.”