July 1, 2005
Windsor: Here to stay

Karen Bascombe is Administrative Secretary at the Windsor Primary School. That is an institution established 1989.

She has been working there for the past four years.

This year has been another successful one for Windsor. {{more}} They secured 13 passes of the 15 students they sent.

She was pleased when Searchlight turned up to verify their performance this year.

“The school has always done well. But it has never been recognised,” Bascombe said.

“The children deserve to be acknowledged for their excellence,” she added.

Bascombe commended the staff whom she described as “competent.” The secretary also complimented the parents whom she pointed out were always “concerned about their children.”

Bascombe is confident about Windsor School’s future. She disclosed that the operation is to be relocated to Glen next year.

And for her, “Windsor is here to stay.”