St. Mary’s R.C. success story continues
July 1, 2005
St. Mary’s R.C. success story continues

Sister Ivy Pacheco, Headteacher of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School, is pleased with the performance of the group of students who wrote the Common Entrance examination this year. “I think it was excellent, we got a 78% pass rate, many of whom were in the first 100”. {{more}}

But this performance is not unusual. Sister Ivy commented that in the 14 years that she has been at the school, last year was the only year that the school has not been in the top 10.

Eleven-year-old Jason Alexis is the school’s top performer. He placed 6th over all, and 2nd for boys. He scored 92% for Mathematics, 88% for English and 78% for General Paper.

Jason urges all students to “try their best.” The polite, soft spoken young man hopes to be a computer systems engineer when he grows up, following in his father’s footsteps. He is the son of Jarvis and Diane Alexis of Rivulet. He thanked his parents and teachers for not giving up on him. He will enter the St. Vincent Grammar School in September.

Charming Meisha Charles is out front for the girls from her school. She tied for the eighth position over all along with three other persons, including Makiyo Fielder of the Georgetown Government School. Meisha is the daughter of Dr. Ellsworth Charles and Dale Charles of Argyle. She is unsure of what she wants to do when she grows up, but one thing she is sure of, is that she will be attending the school of her choice, St. Vincent Girls’ High School, come September. Her grades were Mathematics, 92%, English, 88% and General Paper 78%. She thanked God, her teachers, parents and sister, Colette for their help, but added, “God helped me the most.”

With a smile she advises others to “study hard and know that you have to make sacrifices, because hard work brings success.”