Simone’s advice: Work hard, stay focused
July 1, 2005
Simone’s advice: Work hard, stay focused

Simone Veira is a child of few words and when asked her advice to other youngsters, or older persons for that matter, she declared only: “Work hard, stay focused.”

She must have been speaking from practical experience for the young Veira has put her words into action. She placed second in the just released Common Entrance exams. {{more}}

Simone copped 98 in Math, 82 in General Paper, and 77 for English.

A sense of purpose and direction has already enveloped her thought patterns and she has her eyes on a career as a Marine Biologist.

Daughter of Ian and Judy Veira, Simone seems set to accomplish anything she desires.

She is grateful to her parents especially her Mom who spent extra time ensuring that all was well with her at school, at home or at play.

Simone expressed her feeling of pride in her achievement.

She enjoys playing tennis and also displays her versatility with music lessons with the piano as her favourite instrument.