July 1, 2005
Marriaqua trio hits top 10 in Common Entrance

A trio of students has brought great pride and immense satisfaction to Marriaqua Government School this year in the Common Entrance Examinations.

Placing in the top 10 for that institution are 11-year-olds Wenesha Edwards, Elizabeth Bullock and Israel Carr. {{more}}

Wenesha, of Collins, the daughter of Wendel Edwards, Deputy Principal of the Campden Park Secondary School and Theresa Edwards, a teacher at the Marriaqua Government School, placed second overall and second for Girls. Her desire is to attend the Girls’ High School (GHS). The lass had scores of 95 for Mathematics, 85 for English and 77 for General Paper.

Reflecting on the exams, she noted that General Paper and English were challenging. However, Mathematics was quite easy.

Wenesha, who placed second consistently throughout the year in her Grade Six class, said she was not surprised being in the top 10 but coming second overall was a bit shocking.

She expressed special thanks to Headmistress Elizabeth Walker and all the teachers who helped her along the way.

Wenesha said she would like to become a gynecologist, obstetrician or pediatrician.

Elizabeth Bullock and Israel Carr tied for the eighth position overall. Elizabeth, who sometimes placed second or third during classes, also placed sixth for Girls in the Common Entrance Examinations.

Elizabeth, the daughter of Hilford and Donna Bullock of Akers, scored 87 for Mathematics, 82 for English and 81 for General Paper.

The youngster, whose dream is to become an Economist, said she was not surprised at her results, having done well throughout the school year. Like Wenesha she found General Paper and English challenging, but Mathematics easy.

In the interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Elizabeth praised the headmistress and Grade six teachers. She wants to attend the Girls’ High School (GHS).

Israel, a resident of Glenside, like his colleagues, did exceptionally well placing third for boys and eighth overall. He had scores of 92 for Mathematics, 83 for English and 75 for General Paper. He is the son of Juliet Carr and the late Envil Carr.

He expressed thanks to the headmistress and Grade Six Teachers Brian Jackson and Magdalene Matthews, as well as the rest of his teachers.

The lad said he would like to attend the St. Vincent Grammar School and has aspirations of becoming a doctor one day.

An elated Walker said she and her staff felt proud having seen children that they worked with achieve success.

Walker said a renewed effort had been made by her staff to work harder next year.

“I am happy they have put in the work and have received the success they rightly deserved,” said Walker.

But having students place in the top 10 is not new to the Marriaqua Government School. In 1997, Keishon Browne placed third overall and in the year

2000, Priyadarshani Ramsamooj was sixth overall.