Arien Hazell plans to fight for equal rights and justice
July 1, 2005
Arien Hazell plans to fight for equal rights and justice

Ensuring justice occupies the minds of most citizens. Some years ago, talented teenager singer Machel Montano made it clear that he was not too young to soca. If you follow the trend today, you would realise that Montano, is still singing soca.

Arien Hazell is an 11-year-old who enters Girls’ High School next September. She has her sights on a legal career. {{more}}

Straightforward and frank, Arien is certain of her reason for wanting to become a lawyer.

“I want see people get justice,’ she said.

That was just before she joined a batch of 154 students graduating from the Kingstown Preparatory School last Tuesday.

The school obtained 68 percent pass rate, with Arien a shining light. She placed fourth overall in the Common Entrance sharing the spotlight with Jabarri Jack the first placed male.

Arien had grades of 98 for Math, 78 for both General Paper and English.

Arien is daughter of Kathleen Glasgow and Vern Hazell of Frenches in East Kingstown.

Her advice to other youngsters is: “Study hard.” She has her approach to examinations and outlined the secret to her success: “When you reach into the Common Entrance room, just relax. Don’t get frightened.” Arien complimented teachers Bernadette Latchman and Gillian Dougan.

Kingstown Preparatory School has a population of over 900 and a staff of 48.