MountainTop refreshes Vincy Mas for 2005
June 24, 2005
MountainTop refreshes Vincy Mas for 2005

As revelers experience the “Mas Action Thrills and Vibes” of Vincy Mas 2005, they will be refreshed by Mountain Top Premium Natural Spring Water with a custom carnival label.

Ken Da Silva, Financial Controller of Mountain Top Springs Limited, described the initiative as having a dual purpose. “Yes, of course we want Vincentians and visitors to enjoy our product over this thirsty time, but we also wish to align this premium quality product to our tourist and visitor arrivals and add another unique element to our rich carnival experience, whilst sampling the best that St. Vincent has to offer.”

The custom labels, available only on the popular 500ml size, also carry an itinerary of the carnival events, supported by the Carnival Development Committee.