Wife: Calvert a devoted teacher
June 10, 2005
Wife: Calvert a devoted teacher

Lydia Woods, the widow of the late Calvert Woods, has described her husband as ‘a very nice and strong person, especially when it comes to community service. He was a devoted teacher and an understanding husband.'{{more}}

In Lydia’s own words: “Calvert left his second home, Bequia at the age of 25 and returned to mainland St. Vincent in August of 1989 to attend the St. Vincent Teachers’ College at which time I just concluded my final year at the Technical College. We got married on December 9 of the same year. Pastor Maxwell Providence, the same pastor who conducted the funeral service on Wednesday, June 8, 2005, conducted the wedding ceremony.

“My husband recognised the first signs in February of this year, but things got worse in March when he was diagnosed and was told he had cancer of the lymph nodes, and from then, it seemed almost uncontrollable.”

The widow also indicated that Calvert has been silent throughout the short period he was hospitalised: “He never talked about his illness. He never felt any pain. He asked only about his children and the rest of the family. I had hopes that my husband was going into the hospital and out, but after he went to the Intensive Care Unit, he did not recover.”