June 3, 2005
Big advances for a small island

The island of Mustique, mid way on the chain of Grenadine islands south of mainland St. Vincent has carved its niche on the international arena. It is dubbed the land of the rich and famous, an appropriate title owing the proliferation of world renowned persons who have property there, or who frequent the resort.

Mustique provides its own record of history, underlined by a dramatic transformation that has seen a hitherto mosquito infested sparsely inhabited islet into its present playground. {{more}}

Developments are continuing apace on the island, which has turned out to be an essential link in the economic circles.

A number of Vincentians work on Mustique in various areas: housekeepers, gardeners, waiters, waitresses, cooks, chefs, accountants, cashiers, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and maintenance men.

As many as 1300 persons work during the peak tourist season. That’s according to Basil Charles, owner of Basil’s Bar and restaurant.

Basil Charles and Mustique are synonymous, and if you want a capsule on Mustique, or about any resort in the world for that matter, he will tell you.

His influence is profound and with a sense of wizardry, he serves as a source of motivation for the entire Mustique population. That includes guests, homeowners, workers, visitors, fishermen, or business operators of whatever sort.

Mustique is in some ways a typical Grenadine island: idyllic, laidback, tranquil, serene, and scenic. Mustique though, has perhaps created such an ambience, that it is hardly matched worldwide.

And the persons who maintain that complexity, have grasped their role with intensity, commensurate to the environment in which they operate.

With the help the Mustique Education Trust (MET), workers have been galvanised into a computer training programme. That is the Mustique Community Computer Education Programme.

But Charles was able to procure the services of former Peace Corps Volunteer Charles Scarse. And the combination is reaping tremendous dividends.

The fruits of the venture were borne out in soothing candlelight, at the famous Basil’s Bar last Tuesday night. The setting was fitting, maintaining a level of high intensity drive, appreciation and acceptance. And the workers came out in full regalia and numbers. A degree of pride marks to staging of the education venture. It is in keeping with the adjustment to the computer age.

Natasha Joseph, the Librarian, assists Scrase and workers used the flexible hours to enhance their computer skills.

It is a fully endorsed activity. Malcolm Wilson, representing the National Institute of Technology, was happy to announce Mustique as a satellite Training Centre for the International Computer Drivers License examination.