Basil Charles: This is just the beginning
June 3, 2005
Basil Charles: This is just the beginning

Basil Charles, the driving force behind the Mustique Education Trust is not one to rest on laurels. How else could he have accomplished such strides? His story is one of beating the odds. For he has by his admission “never finished school.” He knows the value of education, and leaves no stones unturned in efforts to ensure that instructions are complete in Mustique. That is from Primary School population to the entire work force. It was through his instrumentality that Charles Scrase was procured. And since that alliance, Mustique has taken on a new outlook. {{more}}

The landscape maintains its environmental appeal, a hallmark of the island. From the airport with its country look, the galvanise covered with grass, giving the look of a thatched building, and the walls of the small structure serving as terminal, are covered with split pieces of bamboo in an artistic decoration, adding to that rustic appeal.

Basil is aware of the technological revolution, and he is not allowing Mustique to miss any opportunity to keep ahead of the game.

“The big drive is to get people to do the adult education programme on the computer,’ Charles said. And the amazing thing about the venture is that workers don’t have to pay anything to do the programme, with the times adjustable to their work schedule.

“So imagine having never known anything about computers, and getting the chance to learn without having to pay.”

Mustique has proven to be an additional asset in preparing workers for advancement in several fields, and in any event, sustainability in the job market.

Perhaps in some instances, one might be better off in Mustique. But that’s not a baseless statement, for many Vincentians have built their livelihood on Mustique.