May 27, 2005
Digicel Group reaches 1,000 employee mark

The Digicel Group has announced that it has reached a milestone 1,051 employees in its fourth year of operation.

The company says it anticipates a 30 percent increase in staff by the end of 2006 due to subscriber growth and market expansion. The fast growing telecommunications provider is also boasting of a staff comprised of 92 percent Caribbean nationals based thoughout the eight countries where Digicel operates. {{more}}

Digicel Group CEO, Raoul Fontanez, said “Digicel’s success is driven by our dedicated employees, who embody our core principles of respect, confidence, hard-work, honesty, communication and responsibility.

Fontanez said in a release, his company has been “very successful at attracting highly-skilled, enthusiastic employees, who build strong relationships with our customers and help make our company one of the most admired brands in the region.”

Digicel is eager to show its continued expansion within the region and last March announced its acquisition of Curacao Telecoms.

The company said that following a US$408 million syndicated funding agreement in March that included US$120 million in (new) debt capital

to fund its growth and acquisition

strategy, it was applying for

additional operating licenses across the Caribbean as more markets open to