Woodley: Bain was mastermind
May 13, 2005
Woodley: Bain was mastermind

When triple murder accused Webster Woodley appears at the serious Crimes Court next Tuesday 17, he is expected to continue to maintain his innocence of all charges

“They framing me. They fabricating this thing on me,” Woodley told the Searchlight Tuesday.{{more}}

Woodley is adopting the position that dead men tell no tales. He is accusing Selwyn ‘Thick Skin’ Moses, and Grenadian fugitive Sheldon ‘Dutch’ Bain of being “involved.”

Speaking in a strong voice, despite the charges hanging over him, Woodley appeared relaxed at the Central Kingstown Police Station.

The Police arrested him at South Rivers, a rural village last Sunday. But it was not until Tuesday morning that charges were laid on him.

Woodley blamed Moses and Bain.

“They came to my home with guns. They say they just wanted somewhere to stay for now, and just keep cool,” Woodley said.

He disclosed that Sheldon Bain had been living here long before Hurricane Ivan struck his homeland.

“The Grenadian used to be around a long time before the escape out of Grenada.

“Everybody know him as a normal person going around the street. Nobody know he was wanted. When the papers first came out, he wasn’t in the first paper. In the second paper, he came out in it. That is when people start to realise. And he blamed me saying because… an officer did come and talk to me, and maybe one of his colleagues saw me and they said that I inform on them, that is why their name in the papers.

“From that, thing just start getting wild. They start doing mad things. They went on the radio and try to point fingers on me. After my mother died, they went on Lynch [the talk show host’s programme] and point the Peter Joseph [murder] to me.”

Woodley charged that they, (Moses and Bain) killed his mother and stepfather in Sharpes.

Asked about those deaths, Woodley responded: “I know that, but I cant’ prove it.”

Woodley added that “people (are) afraid to speak.”

He accused Bain of being a “mastermind.”

“He mastermind a lot of people. He even try to mastermind me, but I didn’t go ahead. He want everybody to do something with him so that he could have dirt on them. He had Thick Skin in that way….. had Thick Skin covered, and he wanted to bring me into that same stage, but I never went,” Woodley stated.