Students urged to take cooking seriously
May 6, 2005
Students urged to take cooking seriously

Home Economic students in this country have been encouraged to take up cooking more seriously. It is a move advocated by General Manager of the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) Manager, Dr.Julian Ferdinand when he addressed the prize giving ceremony of the 2005 ECGC Home Economics Competition on April 29. {{more}}

In his lighthearted, but very motivational speech at the Memorial Hall, Dr.Ferdinand noted that food plays a crucial role in fostering relationships because it’s a way of showing affection. To take the time to prepare a nourishing meal for someone is an act of love, which was practiced even in the Bible.

He noted that although everyone must eat to survive they are no longer cooking but instead consuming too much fast food. He said the falsehood that males are not masculine enough if they cook and practice home economics must be vanquished and he lamented that the curriculum needed to be revised to ensure that male students become more comfortable with themselves to practice the subject.

The ECGC Manager noted that some cooks and chefs earn more than some doctors, lawyers and even the Prime Minister of this country. He said for schools to downplay Home Economics is a grave injustice to those students who display these creative skills, but feel belittled by doing the subject and are looked upon as “dunces.” Dr. Ferdinand pledged his company’s continued association with the culinary arts “since this skill goes far beyond the school”.

Meanwhile Education Officer for Exams, Muriel Fraser congratulated ECGC for linking education with their industry noting that when students win these prizes they get a sense of pride.