Schools shine  at annual Science Fair
April 22, 2005
Schools shine at annual Science Fair

“Science Fairs are not a waste of time.” This sentiment was expressed by Science Education Officer Amaala Muhammad as she spoke at the close of the 2005 Science Fair last Friday April 15, at the Methodist Church Hall.

Muhammad said there must be a better appreciation of science since it encouraged people to make careful choices on issues such as the Cross Country Road Project, where people could make informed, scientific decisions instead of just political and emotional ones. {{more}} She said science was not only a means of gaining knowledge but also a means of finding solutions.

Meanwhile, John Renton, the president of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Science Teachers Association, (SVGTA) described the fair as a tremendous success, noting that analytical skills could be developed from science subjects which he said can then be used in others.

He said science in everyday life would be revealed through the science subjects, which must be taught properly so the students can appreciate the area. He explained that science fairs help students appreciate a vast array of subjects, which helps to develop their skills. The science fair coordinator announced that 42 primary, 54 secondary and one tertiary institution participated with a total of 196 projects at the science fair. He noted that 180 students participated overall with an average score of 63%.

He noted that despite the van drivers’ strike on registration day, the overall entry of schools was good. He however mentioned that an alternative date would be set for the fair since many students have exams around this time.

The Kingstown Anglican School topped the primary category with the Girls’ High School taking the secondary.

Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan addressing the ceremony, expressed the need to re-orient the science curriculum now that science and technology had taken over the world with computers and other gadgets.

Against that background she called for a more holistic approach to the teaching. Dougan said the way science was taught needed to be re-examined so that students can better appreciate the subject area.

The former Girls’ High School biology and chemistry teacher noted that teachers needed to be re-trained so that they excite children about the subject. The theme of the fair was “Finding Solutions through Science and Technology.”