Moving towards  cleaner water
April 22, 2005
Moving towards cleaner water

Water shortages and its quality are two of the challenges that would be addressed when the construction of the Majorca Treatment Plant is complete. Garth Saunders, General Manger of the CWSA this Tuesday signed a contract for the second phase of the project with Mike Gibson of Gibson’s Construction. {{more}}

The construction involves the building of a 500,000 gallon storage tank which would hold up to 75% of days’ supply of water. Saunders announced at the press conference that the project would also clear up the incidence of muddy water in areas like Sharpes, Green Hill, Evesham, Dorsetshire Hill, Belmont, Fountain and Fair Hall. He said that the water supply would also be boosted so that during the dry season residents would have improved water supply.

The contract signed was for one of five phases to be completed. They include pipeline replacement and the construction of a sedimentation tank.

Saunders explained that this is just one of a series of projects undertaken by the CWSA over the last eight months. The project costs some $1.1 million and is estimated to take six months to construct.

About 15% of St.Vincent and the Grenadines is supplied with water from the Majorca System.