April 22, 2005
Leo Club St. Vincent now in cyberspace

The Leo Club St. Vincent says it has moved into a new era with the launch of its website, which went live Friday 8, April 2005.

The site is a collaborative effort of members of the club with Leo Vice- President Anton Jardine credited as the initiator with Vice President, Leo Srinath Weeraseena and Prospective Leo Andrew Bowman doing most of the heavy work on the site. {{more}}

The club says the website is intended to: Raise public awareness of the activities of the club; give sponsors the recognition they deserve and bring clubs around the Caribbean closer together by sharing information and project ideas.

This website will be the club’s primary means of disseminating information to the public and to other members of the Lionistic Family worldwide. The public will be able to keep abreast of the activities of the club, and be provided with information and ideas on how they can better serve the community.

Persons can log on to the site by going to the URL: