April 22, 2005
GHS New York Alumnae comes of age

Word out of New York is that the Girls High School Alumnae Association will be celebrating its official “coming of age” this year with a dinner and dance on May 21 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, JFK Airport.

The Association is this year honouring Cheryl (Phills) King and Yolande (Lewis) Richardson, both past students of the Girls High School (GHS) who have made “tremendous contributions” to both the Association and to Vincentians at home and abroad. {{more}}

A GHS Alumnae Association release said it has come to the aid of the school and its students wherever there was a need with gifts including a copying machine, computers, support for the snack shop, help with the science lab, outdoor benches, yearly graduation supplies and trophies.

It provided scholarship funds last year to recent graduates of the GHS attending college in the United States.

The organization groups past students from different periods in the history of the GHS with leaders throughout its 21-year history including Evelyn Rose, Margaret Allen, Jeanette Bowman, and Janet Sutherland. Another former student Betty King was keynote speaker at the group’s 15th anniversary function.

The association credits headmistresses of the school for much of its success. Singled out for special mention was the contribution of former GHS headmistress Norma Keizer who is credited as a teacher and headmistress for “positively influencing the lives of most of the members”. It was during Keizer’s tenure as headmistress that the organization was founded.

The alumnae association looks back fondly on visits to North America from Keizer, Lorna Debique and Jeanne Horne. And while deputy headmistress, Ercelle Thomas was the keynote speaker at the 10th anniversary of the Alumnae’s luncheon.

The friendly relationship with headteachers continued during the tenure of Joye Browne, Susan Dougan and at present with Andrea Bowman.

Similarly, members of the organization in New York continue to play active roles in the current activities of the school. Narissa Morris addressed the GHS graduation class of 2001 while the GHS honoured Joyce Toney for her contributions to the school during its 90th anniversary celebrations.

The current executive of the Alumnae Association is, Joyce Toney, president, Narissa Morris, vice-president, May C. Davy, secretary, June Joshua, treasurer.