Minister outlines fare structure
April 15, 2005
Minister outlines fare structure

Transport and Works Minister Julian Francis has stressed that short drops which are less than one mile would cost $1, and not the $1.50 the drivers proposed.

He outlined to a Press briefing last Friday, April 8, that van drivers wanted passengers from Fitz Hughes and beyond to pay $7 but that Cabinet had refused instead proposing a $6 fare. {{more}}

On the other hand Government had approved increases to Chateaubelair – Petit Bordel and Rose Hall from $5 to $6.

In Coulls Hill – Spring Village, though NOBA proposed a $5 fare, cabinet only agreed to $4.50. Other areas proposed to remain at the existing rates were Barrouallie – Keartons and Walliabou $4.

The Minister said that no changes were sought to Rillan Hill – Layou – Buccament – Vermont and Clare Valley. But Cabinet had agreed to a one-dollar raise for Chauncey – Questelles and Campden Park which would go to $2.

However Lowmans Hill and Sion Hill fares would remain at $1, while Cane Hall and Arnos Vale see a fifty cent increase to $1.50.

Persons travelling into Richland Park would be asked to pay more, that fare going from $3 to $4, though the Rilley – Evesham and Career rates remain at $3.

Belmont and Fairbairn Pasture prices remain at $2 though Fountain and Belair remain at $1.50 while Dauphney was raised from $1.50 to $2.

Commuters bound for Welcome – Kelbourney – Gomea will see increases going to $2.50. The more distant commuters from Fancy however are being spared any increases with fares staying at $7 instead of the $8 proposed by NOBA.

So too are the residents of Owia – Point Village – Sandy Bay and Orange Hill where proposed increases were denied. Their fare stays at $6 and not at $7 as asked for.

The fares for Byrea – Colonarie – South Rivers and Park Hill remain at $5 while Georgetown and Dixon see their rate go up to $5.50.

Relief also came for commuters from New Prospect – Spring, Ceders – Biabou – Peruvian Vale and Bridgetown where fares stay at $3.50 while South Union sees a hike to $4. Also on the relief list are commuters to North Union – Lowmans – Greggs – Mt. Grenan and San Souci where $4 and not the $5 proposed will remain.

The minister said no proposals had been put forward for Argyle – Calder – Mt. Pleasant and Stubbs – Diamond – Enhams – Brighton or Glamorgan.

However though NOBA asked for $2.50 for Prospect – Fair Hall – Ratho Mill, only $2.25 was approved by Cabinet. An increase of $2 was also allowed for Calliaqua – Glen – Villa.

Francis noted that though many of the drivers complain that their routes are too long for the amount of money commuters pay, it was NOBA which had come up with the clusters or routes.