Clare Valley surprised
April 15, 2005
Clare Valley surprised

Dennard Allick has a brother missing at sea. He is hopeful that Alfonso Allick, one of two men missing on the boat Surprise may soon be recovered. But Dennard has a version of the episode that has some element of surprise indeed. {{more}}

He is puzzled that Julian Alexander, a victim and Alfonso Allick, a witness of a court matter have disappeared, while Vanrick Allick survived.

They hail from Clare Valley, a fishing community. A number of fishing boats adorn the beach front, including seine boats sometimes moored yards from the shoreline.

Dennard recalled Alfonso having drifted before but then he made it to the northern Grenadine Island of Bequia. Vanrick also drifted before with his father and ended on the island of Tobago.

The Allick family seems to have endured a series of woes in recent times. Sandra Job, Alfonso’s 23-year-old fiancée, is shocked with the disappearance. She is mother of his seven-month-old baby. But that family suffered another recent misfortune. The house in which Sandra was living was gutted in a mysterious fire.

And if those are not enough, Kenneth Allick, another close family relative is nursing injuries to his hands and body as a result of a cutlass attack March 26.