April 8, 2005

Stolen lights cancel flights

Director of Airports, Alistar Alexander is pleading with persons who steal the Solar Panel Lights at Rock Fort to refrain from doing so. He said this criminal act caused two Caribbean Star Flights to be cancelled on Wednesday 30 March 2005.

He said lights are located at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex, Indian Bay Hill and Rock Fort, but those at the last location seem to be targeted frequently.{{more}} He noted that seven of the twelve solar power panel lights had gone missing. He warned that this affects the safety of flights and makes this country fall below the lighting system. He noted that this country has been granted special permission until April 13, so that the lights could be acquired from a Canadian company. He said each solar panel costs over EC$2,000 or US$585.

The Airport Director said that discussions with the police are being held to curb the theft.