Ex-cnn news anchor   shoots T.V. pilot in SVG
April 1, 2005
Ex-cnn news anchor shoots T.V. pilot in SVG

St. Vincent and the Grenadines could benefit from last week’s visit on the Caribbean Sun from international media and among them former CNN news anchor Andria Hall.{{more}}

Hall, an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist will according to a Bevan Springer report from New York, shoot an independent television pilot along with her husband Clayton Sizemore, CNN’s manager of operations.

The reports said that Hall will also air reports on her visit on “The Walk at Work” Christian radio broadcast which is aired weekly on WMCA in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and over the internet via www.wmca.com.

Springer also reports that Halls latest radio show focuses on tourism in Trinindad and Tobago where she addressed a packed Public Relations Association seminar of “The Impact of Ethics on Public Relations.”