‘December’ takes centre stage
April 1, 2005
‘December’ takes centre stage

Last weekend, Roy’s Inn was the place to be as Centre Stage Production presented “December”, a play written by Jamaican playwright Patrick Browne and directed by Collette Jones.

David “Darky” Williams played the part of Ezra Watson while Collette Jones played the part of his wife Tita Watson.{{more}}

The couple have been married for 50 years and had spent the greater part of their lives in England. They have retired and returned to their homeland friendless but happy together.

In the play, the Watsons prepare for Tita’s 80th birthday as they reflect on their many years together, Ezra’s life and his long visions and dreams of Black heroes. They also wait a visit from their daughter Gloria, from whom Ezra has been estranged for 30 years.

In Patrick Browne’s skillfully written drama, we are confronted with the cruel effects of aging, sickness and infirmity, and the stripping way of dignity.

Darky and Collette did justice to the play providing much humour and food for thought while reminding us the need to create fond memories with our spouses that would last a lifetime.

‘December’ is a bittersweet reminder for us all. It is definitely worth seeing – as the Watsons can easily represent any one of us.