RBTT Celebrates 20 years
March 11, 2005
RBTT Celebrates 20 years

It’s more than just a bank, it’s a bank that cares for the youth.

This was one quality being trumpeted by the Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (RBTT) as it reflects on its 20th anniversary.{{more}}

And in a press conference held at the bank on Tuesday March 8, Country Manager, Desmond Austin said that over the past 20 years “RBTT has supported numerous programmes and events promoting youth development, sports, culture and social outreach.”

The manager said the debate exercise was introduced to the RBTT Young Leaders Programme in an effort to provide future leaders of this country with a forum to have meaningful discussion on topical issues. He noted that the debates help young people sharpen their critical thinking and verbal communication skills on issues such as globalisation, Caribbean Integration, health and poverty.

Austin also noted that RBTT will contribute in an ethical and exemplary way to the social progress and economic prosperity of the peoples they serve.

Also speaking at the press conference Human Resource Manager Noel Dixon emphasized the continued aim of training the bank’s staff to deal with their clients and to gain also further knowledge on banking.

The bank has organized a series of activities to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. These include a cocktail party and an award ceremony for employees at the Aquatic Club on March 17 and an art exhibition featuring the work of artist and dramatist Collette Jones. This runs from the 24 through 30 March at the bank.

In 1985, the RBTT Group bought the Royal Bank of Canada, which was then renamed Caribbean Banking Corporation(CBC). In the year 2000 the bank was later rebranded RBTT Bank Caribbean Limited.

RBTT banks are also located in Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Nevis, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.