Wildman’s nomination as Grenada’s AG rejected
March 4, 2005
Wildman’s nomination as Grenada’s AG rejected

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – AP An independent Caribbean commission rejected the Grenadian government’s nominee for attorney-general on Tuesday, handing a victory to dozens of lawyers who have been boycotting court proceedings for a month to protest the choice.{{more}}

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission did not publicly explain its reason for rejecting the appointment of Hugh Wildman, who prosecutes cases and is an adviser to Grenada’s police department.

The four-member panel is appointed by the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Supreme Court to confirm top judicial officials in seven countries.

Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod said the decision “sets a dangerous precedent” but promised Grenada would abide by it.

“It does not only give the impression that the lawyers have been rewarded for their irresponsible behaviour, but it also denies the Government of its right to appoint the best possible candidate,” he said.

But he added, “as a law-abiding and responsible Government, we respect the decision”.

The 55-member Grenada Bar Association launched its boycott February 1, saying Wildman had a long history of insulting and intimidating defence attorneys and judges. The lawyers also held two street marches.

“We welcome the news,” said Ruggles Ferguson, the president of the bar association. “We were hoping that from day one of our protest that the … Government would have listened to us.”

Wildman, a Jamaican-born lawyer whose service in Grenada dates to 1994, has rejected the allegations.

Wildman has handled criminal libel lawsuits on behalf of Prime Minister Keith Mitchell. The prime minister is suing several Opposition politicians and television stations for repeating allegations that he accepted a bribe in exchange for giving a German-born businessman a trade ambassador post.