Guides sharing the fruits of the earth
March 4, 2005
Guides sharing the fruits of the earth

“Food” was the theme under which Girl Guides around the world celebrated “Thinking Day” February 22, the biggest event on their calendar.

But the local guide company went one step further with a food and clothes exhibition. {{more}}Chief Commissioner, Althea Commissiong said they selected the sub-theme, “Sharing the fruits of the Earth” because fruits are not just edible produce but talents and gifts which Vincentians must share to improve each other’s life. The exhibition was held at the Girls’ Guide Headquaters.

This organisation was established by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1910. The story is told how he met his wife, Olave St.Clair Soames while on a cruise to Jamaica in 1912. Although Lord Baden-Powell was 32 years her senior, they fell in love and got married that same year. Was it co-incidence or was it by fate that they shared the same birthday on February 22. That day is now observed as “Thinking Day” a day when Girl Guides and Girl Scouts remember each other.

Lord Robert Baden-Powell was a retired army veteran who earlier founded the Boy Scouts in 1908. And later founded the Girl Guide Movement after girls appeared at a Boy Scout Rally in 1909. He named the Girls Guides after a famous regiment in the Indian army whose men were well known for their resourcefulnes and courage.