Vizion taking root in Caribbean
February 18, 2005
Vizion taking root in Caribbean

A Caribbean family is making the dream of regional unity a living reality. And everyday, the bonds that keep the nations together are strengthened in physical manifestation.

The factor of integration, long talked about, but still to be attained on the political front, is played out in living colour right before our very eyes.{{more}}

The group Caribbean Vizion is perfecting that desire. The body comprises a 13-strong band of practical regional integrationists. The idea took root three years ago and germinated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Vizion is destined to unite the region through art and music. And they are demonstrating their intention in unambiguous tones.

The climax of their recent efforts will be an all day gala affair at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex March 6. From one p.m., students will join the cast of Caribbean Vizion in a display of culture and education.

Then the explosion heightens with a performance by Barbados based Vincentian Tony Rebel (of Krosfyah fame) accompanied by the Windiez Band. The local Police band will also be on parade accompanying a collection of artistes.

And in keeping with the Caribbean Vizion’s image, a range of regional artistes will adorn the stage. Those include former West Indies pacer Curtly Ambrose, Trinidad and Tobago calypsonians Black Stalin and Baron, Barbadians Gabby and Andy Armstrong, Antiguan Onyan, St. Lucian Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson, Grenadian Tallpree, Dominican Cornell Phillip, and Vincentian Madzart.

The Caribbean Vizion brightens daily. Motivation to complete the mission comes from a reincarnated soul. Caribbean Vizion was jolted into the reality of life’s ultimate destiny when founding member Jany Williams died in the line of duty. Jany, a live wire of the body, succumbed to injuries when a car she was driving plunged over a cliff on the outskirts of Castries. Five other members of the group survived that mishap.

Jany had embodied the capacity of the group when she swept to the St. Lucia Calypso Monarch in an astounding display July last year.

Caribbean Vizion has a CD as part of the tribute to their departed sister. But they have not discarded their ambition to unify the region. And Jany’s spirit spurs them on.

Caribbean Vizion comprises Kurt ‘Fyah Foxx’ Allen: Director, Fabi Allen: co-director, Choc’late Allen: dancer/actress, singer, Lowell Hall: sound engineer, Linda Allen Head of Household, Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah Lee-Smith: actress/singer, Valencia Andrew: Camera Lady, Marlon Bledman: Sound/actor, Ashley Tisson: actor/craftsman, St. Lucia, Keeshan ‘Banka Oil Tanka’ Walwyn: Actor /craftsman St. Kitts/Nevis, Tabitha Johnson actress/singer Barbados, and Niesha John: actress, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Vizion returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines January 7 and depart March 10 to continue their mission in Grenada.