February 11, 2005
Legal fraternity praises Justice Saunders

Meanwhile president of the local Bar Association Nicole Sylvester described Justice Saunders as “a true man of the region”. She said he was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, pursued his education in the region and through his distinguished service, has been able to create an impact throughout the region. {{more}}

She commended him for his role in settling the impasse between the West Indies Cricket Board and players saying his “role there ensured that the unity and spirit towards Caribbean cricket remained intact”.

Pinpointing the kind of impact Justice Saunders had on the region, Sylvester referred to the decisions in the Peter Hughes and Newton Spence cases which saw a total change in the manner in which the death penalty was dealt with in the Caribbean.

“As you move on to a higher playing field, as it were, on the judicial plain in the Caribbean Court of Justice, we know that you’re doing so with a measure of humility and you’d be taking with you that lucid style of writing which we see in jour judgements… We’ll certainly be looking towards the court in its appellate jurisdiction for some of the decisions”.

Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission and former Attorney General, Parnel Campbell QC said Justice Saunders had earned the respect of the Vincentian community. This he said was not only as a lawyer in private practice, setting exemplary standards of decorum and integrity, but also as a High Court Judge in the OECS and then as a Judge of the Court of Appeal and, latterly, as acting Chief Justice.

He said he was comforted by the fact that the OECS’ loss was the wider Caribbean’s gain.

“There are those at this Bar who view, with some trepidation, the prospect of the cessation of appeals to the Privy Council. I hope in time their fears would be assuaged. And, no doubt, your presence on the Bench of that court (CCJ) would assist in proving to the doubters and those with trepidation that we have the calibre of jurists more than capable of doing justice to the aspirations of Caribbean man and Caribbean woman”, Campbell stated.

Justice Saunders was also commended by legal practitioners Kay Bacchus Browne, Andrew Cummings, Arthur Williams and Emery Robertson.