Changes at SVG Brewery
February 11, 2005
Changes at SVG Brewery

Improvements are on the way for the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd, this country’s lone beer bottling plant.

Wayne Murphy, the Brewery’s Marketing manager disclosed plans for the new policy at the Brewery last Wednesday pointing out that they had to “structure its distribution system to ensure continued growth and profitability of the business.”{{more}}

The development sees the introduction of hand-held computers to seven truck drivers. That is part of a new network whereby salesmen will punch in their information on newly acquired gadgets. The data is transmitted to a system at the Brewery thereby reducing the time to within hours, instead of the days normally required for such operation.

The new system is undertaken by GIDK Caribbean Consulting LTD, along with Microsoft Business Solution.

The installation of the new arrangement was supervised by Dennis Roberts, from the Trinidad and Tobago based entity.

He outlined that the new system is part of improved technological advances in keeping with trend in global interaction.

The improvements will enhance the accounting system at the Brewery with the latest equipment.

Roberts, born in Trinidad and Tobago with some Vincentian connections, was here to ensure that everything went well with the innovations.

Truck drivers will be equipped with personal digital assistant (PDA), linked to printers. These small computers will be able to provide updated information on customer transactions. Roberts pointed out that drivers responded admirably to the instructions on the use of the new gadgets.

He commended the Brewery on their initiative in adjusting to the global trend and pointed out: “The faster you get information, the better you are to make decisions.”

Roberts endorsed Murphy’s position that the developments provided the Brewery with competitive edge.”