January 21, 2005
Taiwanese to host agricultural display

When Taiwanese the world over celebrate their Lunar New Year Eve on February 8, here at home the Embassy of the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan will be showcasing the agro-processed products spearheaded by the Taiwan Mission.{{more}}

Ambassador Elizabeth Chu made this announcement on Thursday, January 6, at a luncheon held at the Embassy of the Republic of China attended by practitioners from various media houses.

One of the agro-products, which will be on display at the Old Public Library on that day, is the green apple, samples of which were given to the journalists.

Chu said the event will be big because processed fruit is important for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We are showcasing one of our wonders,” said Chu.

Already Chu is exploring the financial opportunities that can derive from this venture for Vincentians. The ambassador said Vicentians interested in the project can register with the National Investment Promotion Inc. (NIPI). She is anticipating locals can invest in machinery and explore business opportunities in the processing of fruits.

On that day the ROC will publicly introduce four Taiwanese volunteers and will hold the first activity of ICDF Alumni Society SVG Chapter in 2005.

Chu said February’s big activity is preceded by an activity in this month where the ROC will donate clothes, toys, and canned foods provided by Simply Help Foundation based in New York to local charity organisations.

Disclosing other activities on the ROC’s calendar for this year, Chu spoke of an exhibition of orchids cultivated by the Taiwan Mission. This will be held in March. “By so doing, Vincentians will know better what the potential of orchid plantation would play in SVG’s agricultural diversification efforts,” said Chu.

In April, a delegation of the Taiwan-SVG Economic and Trade Committee will visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines to assess business opportunities.

Chu noted that sometime between March and May, a naval squadron of the ROC (Taiwan) will pay a biannual visit to SVG.

The calendar of events shows that on May 28 the Taiwan 2005 Scholarship award ceremony will be staged at Peace Memorial Hall with 210 recipients from primary schools to colleges.

And between June 24 and July 2 the Taiwan Trade Fair will be held again at the Old Public Library. Other activities for the year will be held at a later date.