January 7, 2005
Jessamy is GESCO employee of the year

The GESCO Employee of the Year award has gone to Alice Jessamy.

She was among 13 employees who received awards in categories ranging from Retirees for 2004, Long Serving Employees, Outstanding Performances During 2004 and Special Recognition. {{more}}

This recognition came at the General Equipment & Services Corporation (GESCO) Dinner and Award Ceremony held at the Methodist Church Hall on December 29.

Making brief remarks at the ceremony, Minister of Transport Works and Housing, Senator Julian Francis stated that he was happy with the output from the corporation but noted that there is room for improvement.

He said that on assuming political office, his administration was faced with the dilemma of closing the doors of the corporation but it was decided that the corporation would be given a chance to prove itself.

Francis commended the corporation on the handling of the Rabacca Sand Mining project but cautioned them to take a more delicate approach to the Brighton project.

GESCO General Manager Robert Fitzpatrick told the ceremony the new board of directors along with management would be working hard to ensure that training opportunities are available to staff members. He then issued a warning to the employees that promotion would now be given on merit and not on years of service.