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Sealey gets high praises

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Manager of the NLA McGregor Sealey, who has come in for high praises for his success as manager of the NLA, said vendors will continue to benefit from dealings with the lottery. {{more}}

He said persons selling “Super 6” tickets will get eight per cent of every ticket sold (24 cents). He explained that the jackpot can be won in any of the islands and it has the potential of reaching into the millions.

Sealey, who was at the time speaking at the launch of the Lottery’s latest game “Super 6”, used the opportunity to give a brief history of the local NLA. He said the NLA started in 1984 in a small booth outside the Customs and Excise Department in Kingstown with a staff of two and an instant scratchy game as its only income. The NLA has now grown into a multi-million dollar entity with profits of over $21 million in 2004. It provides employment to 33 employees with 85 agents and over 40 ticket vendors who have an annual commission of over EC$300,000. Sealey also outlined that the NLA’s funds are used specifically for the enhancement of sports and culture with $18.2 million dollars in their profits having been returned to the community in the form of sponsorships, donations and capital projects.

“We base our success on the input back to the community,” said Sealey who also said a survey carried out has shown that 90 per cent of persons in the community were satisfied with the NLA’s performance in terms of giving back to the community.

Also speaking at the launch, which was chaired by Press Secretary Glen Jackson, was Chairman of the NLA Murray Bullock.

During his remarks Bullock, who has been the chairman since 2001, said that although lotto games sometimes level off and then decline, the NLA has been steadily improving. He added that the implementation of the “Super 6” game should help to stimulate interest as he is hoping the new game will create excitement in the Windward Islands.

Bullock added that they hope to have the Win Lotto secretariat in SVG.

During the launch, it was also noted that the “Super 6” has odds of one in 500,000 while the local lotto has odds of one in 375,000.