Lotto launches Super 6 game
December 17, 2004

Lotto launches Super 6 game

Players of the Lottery and potential buyers now have a new game at their disposal called “Super 6”.

The game was launched locally last Tuesday at the conference room of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.{{more}}

The Windward Island lottery game, which is drawn twice weekly in St. Lucia, has a base jackpot of EC$200,000 with the potential prize money reaching in the millions. A “Super 6” ticket costs EC$3 with the draws being made every Tuesday and Friday and aired locally after the local lotto draw on SVG TV. The “Super 6” replaces the “Win Lotto” game, which was played in Grenada, Dominca and St. Lucia. The new game now stretches out to include St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It was revealed that the biggest jackpot ever won during the “Win Lotto” was $2.7 million, taken by a hospital attendant in Dominica. “Super 6” is similar to the local lotto except that a person has to match six of 28 numbers to win the jackpot. There will also be prizes given for persons who match five and four numbers.

Speaking at the launch of the game on Tuesday, auditor and partner at the accounting firm KPMG, Rueben John, congratulated the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) on the launch of the new game. He said his firm, KPMG, has the simple role of ensuring that all draws done by the lottery maintain integrity.

“Every draw has to be done in keeping with a prescribed format,” explained John who said that the auditors are independent and distinct and not involved in any aspect of the management of the lottery. He said the greatest degree of transparency is always maintained by the lottery, which over the years has very good records in terms of financial performance.