Harry: SVG still safe
December 17, 2004
Harry: SVG still safe

The average Vincentian should have no fear of walking the street day or night. This assurance came from Commissioner of Police William Harry speaking at a media briefing Tuesday.{{more}}

Responding to the spate of recent murders that has caused a wave of panic among Vincentians, Harry emphasized that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is still a safe place.

There have been 28 murders to date this year, a significant increase over previous years, which have averaged 12. The most recent killings occurred during the dawn hours of Friday morning last when Lancelot and Rose Claire Williams, a couple in their fifties, were slain at their Redemption Sharpes home. Harry disclosed the police have information that the murders might have some connection to foreign nationals.

Reassuring the public not to be in fear, Harry stated that the police have the matter under control.

He admitted, however, that most of the murders taking place in the state at the moment might be drug and gang related.

“Yes there is some drug connection but not solely; in some cases it’s just wickedness, and there are some cases that are gang related where they are fighting for turf and showing who have more power,” said Harry.

The Commissioner noted he would not disclose in detail what mechanism is in place to deal with the upsurge in violent crimes; however, he assured that “people should not be cowered into any situation where they are fearful to go about their business in a normal fashion”.

Though the writings are on the wall that violent crimes are getting out of control, Commissioner Harry is adamant that his local constabulary can handle the situation.

He said that at this time local police do not see the need for outside help from the Regional Security Service (RSS), Scotland Yard or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).