December 10, 2004
Cut back on deportees?

Persons of Caribbean origin on the wrong side of the law in the United Sates may not necessarily be deported if the Second Chance Act proposed by US congressman Danny Davis succeeds. {{more}}

Word of this came from US Virgin Islands Congresswoman Donna Christensen who is a Democratic Party colleague of Davis’. Davis, she said, sits on the committee on Government Reform and is a ranking member of its subcommittee on Civil Service and is recognised as a “powerful and effective voice for the people” beside sitting on a number of other committees and caucuses.

Christensen said funding for housing, family counselling and other transitory services will be looked at under the proposed new laws.

She, however, lamented the return of those citizens “back to countries they have never really known and in some cases don’t speak the language of”.

The congresswoman said Davis’ plan is to improve the reintegration of former inmates into US communities and points to ways in which the Caribbean and its nationals being deported could benefit from that Bill.