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Civil Servants to get bonus

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Civil servants will have $200 to play with this December. This is their reward from the government for their “voluntary self-sacrifice in the difficult weeks and months following the terrorists events in the USA September 11, 2001”. {{more}}

The money will be tax free and across the board. But the Prime Minister is urging “all private enterprises and the private sector to follow suit appropriately in accordance with the employer’s circumstances”.

The extra money will help to take care of the December activity, but civil servants can look forward to more take home pay from January 1, 2005.

They will receive a three- per cent increase costing the revenue $4 million.

But that’s not the only good news for government employees. It will be especially good news for policemen and women. From January 1 as well, the security officers will get allowances costing a further $600,000. That’s all the attention paid to the peace officers. reform of the Police Force will be a focus in 2005, consequent upon the submission of the review report. Retired Commissioner of Barbados’ Police Orville Durrant did that.

Other categories of public employees will round up negotiations on allowances next year according to Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves.

Still there is more in stock with the implementation of the Reclassification Exercise in the public and teaching services.