December 10, 2004

Antigua’s IT Commissioner arrested

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua: Antigua and Barbuda’s Commissioner of Information Technology (IT) Eban Thomas was on Wednesday afternoon arrested by police and is now reported to be under interrogation at Police Headquarters in relation to alleged leaks of classified government information. {{more}}

A police source told Caribbean Net News that the 36-year-old IT specialist was held when he arrived at the Information Technology Center to collect some “personal belongings.”

It was also reported that officers carried out a search of Thomas McKinnon’s home and confiscated computers and other peripherals. Several documents were also reportedly seized.

Police say they are of the view that the computers are government property.

Just over two weeks ago, a government release stated that the entire Information Technology (IT) operation was brought to a halt for that weekend and fully re-programmed before being placed back online.

This action followed the month-long suspension of Thomas, as an investigation is being carried out into the alleged leaks.

Information officials are tight-lipped on the progress of the investigation; however, a government source revealed that there are suspicions among government officials that Thomas could have knowledge of the reported leaking of top secret information to un-named enemies of the government.

It is believed that the alleged leaks appear to be related to the alleged diversion of State funds into private hands during the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) tenure in government.