Singh blasts radio talk shows
December 3, 2004
Singh blasts radio talk shows

Renowned regional columnist and member of the Eastern Caribbean Press Council (ECPC) Management Committee, Ricky Singh, has lashed out at talk show programmes in the region that constantly breach media ethics and violate professional guidelines. {{more}}

“I have a real problem with what is being presented as talk radio across the Caribbean,” Singh stated last Friday.

The Caribbean columnist was at the time responding to a question from a local journalist at a workshop organised by the Eastern Caribbean Press Council.

Singh said that some media practitioners seem to believe they are a law unto themselves. He described the situation as abominable and obnoxious, saying, “They violate every rule of freedom of expression I know on almost every programme. And sometimes the moderator, more than the caller, is adverse because the level of restraint, the degree of control an editor has to exercise in his or office especially on days of pressure, far removes from these people who abuse your freedom, my

freedom and the politicians’ freedom every day because they engage in a game on radio,” Singh added.

Singh, on the issue of yellow journalism, further stated that once media practitioners stick with the principles and guidelines they will win in the end.