Greater links for Caribbean bananas
December 3, 2004
Greater links for Caribbean bananas

The Caribbean region and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in particular are trying to establish links with other international banana producing countries.

And the logic behind the action is strengthening the region’s position on the market in the banana industry. {{more}}Arrangements are being made for a meeting with related players in the sphere according to Dr. Gonsalves either in London or the Caribbean. Contacts are being strengthened with Costa Rican and Ecuadorian officials, as well as countries on the African continent. And the efforts are stepping up on the local front with subsidies on banana input by the government.

Gonsalves admitted that, “Difficulties exist, but we can’t throw our hands up in the air.”

The Prime Minister was responding to a question by Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace. He wanted to know “the status of negotiations for the tariff only banana regime”, and the government’s position on the proposal by European Commission of Tariff of Euros 230 per ton.

The question was directed to Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Girlyn Miguel. But with Dr. Gonsalves’ role in the Caribbean banana scene, she allowed him to answer.