Alliance stages photo exhibition
November 19, 2004
Alliance stages photo exhibition

Alliance Francaise is presenting what they term “a sensitive photographic journey” in a photography exhibition centred around traditional fishing entitled, “Couleur de Peche” or “Colours of Fishing”, by photographer Henry Vigana. The exhibition begins today and is scheduled to run from November 19, 2004 to November 26, 2004. {{more}}

A release from Alliance Francaise quotes Vigana as saying: “As a photographer, journalist, reporter and filmmaker, I embarked on this project of photography on traditional fishing in Martinique more than 10 years ago, since this universe has always thrilled me. My aim here is not to create a supplementary report of the ‘exotic’ type, but rather to express an identity formula with the purpose of promoting a cultural heritage whose ancestrals forms tend to be forgotten.

“Through this personal reflection, I try to make more perceptible to viewers from all walks of life, the vitality of captivating economic sector, of an historical nature, of human values, of strong gestures.

“After numerous pictoral and abstract research on the colours of photography shown in various Caribbean islands, in the USA and in Europe, I wanted to apply my vision as a ‘colourist’ to this environment of flowing colours that traditional fishing is, and also to bring to light the incomparable knowledge of Caribbean fishermen.

“This is a very ambitious programme from its original conceptualisation, that links the value of heritage, while at the same time being a cultural, economic as well as an artistic creation.

“In this sense, it warrants the gathering of not only large categories of audiences in Martinique, but also everywhere a curious audience, seeking new horizons, would participate in the general promotion of Caribbean fishermen.”

Alliance Francaise credits Ambassade de France in St. Lucia, FCR of Martinique and General Delegation of Alliance Francaises in St. Lucia and with the participation of National Trust in SVG, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in SVG, Liat/CAT, New Montrose Hotel and Photomax with sponsorship of the event.