‘We must not be afraid of people’
November 12, 2004
‘We must not be afraid of people’

The ULP Women’s Arm must interact with people.

The advice came from Sharon Haywebster. She showed a depth of character at the ULP Women’s Arm 10th Annual Conference. {{more}}

Haywebster encouraged members to work with the youths.

“We have to encourage younger women into the movement. Politics is about people. It is not policy on paper,” she declared.

Haywebster added: “We have to interact with people all the time, not just at election time. If we are insecure we cannot build.”

She urged the Women’s Arm to know the census figures, and ensure that youths were represented.

“You have to know what young people think,” she outlined.

“When you get so taken with your central power, you lose it. You have to talk to your children in the right language,” Haywebster went on.

She observed the tendency of youths to commit crime, and blamed parents for leaving them to television.

“That why they so bad,” she suggested.