Another milestone for Guardsman SVG Ltd.
November 12, 2004
Another milestone for Guardsman SVG Ltd.

Guardsman SVG Limited has celebrated yet another milestone. Following our first anniversary celebrations, Monday, November 1, 2004, saw the commencement of the first ever training session external to Guardsman SVG Limited.

Nine participants representing the SVG Coast Guard Service attended a one-week training programme. These individuals were trained as part of the “restructuring” of the SVG Coast Guard Services. {{more}}

These trainees will be employed to perform sentry and general compound security duties at the Coast Guard Base in Calliaqua. This would no doubt afford the officers of the SVG Coast Guard Services more time to fight illegal activities on our waters.

The Basic Guarding Programme was tailored to suit the requirements of the participants in their line of work. Some 22 subject areas were covered. These ranged from security related topics – access control, patrolling, giving and dealing with evidence, etc. – to personal development (qualities of a good security officer), personal hygiene, communications, dealing with the public, report writing, professionalism and customer service, among others.

Kenrick Marshall received an award for his outstanding performance in the exams.

The course concluded on Friday, November 5, 2004, with a graduation ceremony at our headquarters. Brief remarks were delivered by Commander David Robin, and Sub Lieutenant Goodluck of the SVG Coast Guard Service. Director Keith Howard and instructors Cecil Gordon and Jemron Delplesche also delivered brief remarks. The Vote Of Thanks was given by Annetta Antoine and the presentation of certificates was done by Carmine Bailey. The participants were also challenged by one of their instructors to ponder on the quote of a former president of Harvard University, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Guardsman spoke with a few of the participants in last week’s training programme and they had this to say:

l Marcella Dalzell:

“The training that I received at Guardsman was very informative, educational and was very motivating. I gathered a lot of knowledge as to how to deal with my job. I am very much prepared and equipped as to how to handle situations on and off my job. This training was very outstanding.”

l Kathleen Gould

“The best security training in St. Vincent is coming out from Guardsman. The training received at Guardsman gave me the ability to carry out my duties in a professional manner and with pride. I have no regrets.”

l Kenrick Marshall:

“The course is everything that you need to know about security in a nut shell. It was very informative and up to date with a wealth of knowledge. Overall it was a course that a good security officer must attend so that he or she can function where ever posted in a professional and efficient manner.”

Guardsman is committed to providing quality service and training to the Vincentian populist. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to the development of our staff. Outstanding performance is encouraged and recognized and we provide opportunities for upward mobility. The women are quickly forging ahead and it’s about time that our men step up to the bar. If you feel you have what it takes we would be happy to review your application (accompanied by recent testimonials and a police record).

In this very competitive market, there is a future at Guardsman for anyone who possesses the right attitude, dedication, an appreciation for hard work and steadfast