Bridging the generation gap
November 5, 2004

Bridging the generation gap

Jeff James, the Vincentian-born director of Help Age International, is optimistic that young and old persons can live in harmony. And the Golden Years Activity Centre at Cane Grove could be the staging point of that interaction.

James, making his presentation at the opening suggested that, “It should be used to promote intergenerational solidarity.” One with a record of service to the aged, James added, “Young people must be encouraged to come to the Centre to interact with older people, teach each other skills, and engage in joint activities.” {{more}}

The facility, with a main building of 3,640 square feet, is about eight miles north west of capital city Kingstown.

“The Centre must be seen as a place to promote social cohesion, and as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the generations,” James added.

The Help Age director noted that SVG was well on its way to “promoting a society of all ages”, and he commended the NIS, National Council of Older Persons, and the government “for the remarkable advances made in the past few years in ensuring

the well-being of older people”.

James also observed that issue of aging was being taken seriously here, in view of the special attention being paid to older people.

James also pointed out that with the provision of the Golden Years Activity Centres here, SVG was the second country in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States where government is providing the entire gamut of social services.

The Help Age director looked to a challenge which he summed up as “to ensure older people’s health and well-being”.

James also encouraged the setting up of a “comprehensive care strategy where institutional care, home care and day care services are brought under one ministry.”